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IVF Support

  • This program will help you deal with the exponentially rising stress levels during your IVF process. Studies show that stress itself slows down wound healing, depletes bodily resources, and as such, it indicates that it also lowers fertility rate. Tackling this problem by itself increases the chance of successful pregnancy significantly. (see study in 2011 suggesting 32% increase in successful pregnancy rate);

  • Throughout this program we will provide you with mind-body technics for stress management, movement therapy that improves blood circulation in the abdomino-pelvic cavity, so around your reproductive organs and improves overall lymph flow to help your body towards conception; 

  • A dedicated psychotherapist will  provide you with milestones of a happy IVF journey. She did not only learn about it but she's gone through her own IVF process with exciting results.

Your regular practice we support with online sessions live and recorded from 12. November to 12. February. On club days we meet in person.

free info session 31/10 1pm and 8/11 8pm.

Club days: 12/11. 10/12.  28/01

in Waversesteenweg 1741
1160 Oudergem


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