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Pelvic Floor Functions

After a decade of research we chose to work with the POPin technics many years ago, because we found this the most comprehensive system of all that target to improve pelvic floor functions.

Beyond the pelvic floor and its ring muscles it  makes you aware of the the pivotal role your big diaphragm and a smaller diaphragm in your throat are playing in managing pressure in the abdomino-pelvic cavity.

You thought hypopressive breathing and exercises are top of the technics for this body part, but this system is so much richer. Through the POPin exercises you not only strengthen pelvic muscles, apply suction on abdomino-pelvic organs and ease pressure on the pelvic tissues giving them time for regeneration and healing but you learn using your body in a way that will not traumatise this delicate part of the body further. 

With consistent practice of POPin technics we saw many recovery from stage 1 to stage 3 pelvic organ prolapse;

Not only women but their husbands reported improved sexual pleasure;

Women above 50 shared that 

  • their intimate parts started to look nicer, tighter again;

  • they don't need to wear liners anymore, because there are no accidents anymore while laughing, coughing;

  • confusing signals for frequent urination disappeared;

  • reoccurring UTI stopped coming back;

Both men and women found that their haemorrhoids got vanished;

The sessions are highly technical, you need personal guidance and supervision before you can follow online classes.

You may learn and practice it with the Menopause Support program in PrimeMe Clinic, or ask individual schedule: contact @ 

This is the best thing you can do for your happiness!

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