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Midlife Support

This program will help you dealing with the transformation of mind and body at this remarkable period of life by

  • teaching you technics that sensualise your lady parts for more pleasure;

  • eating hormone supporting snacks and meals together once a month to learn tricks that shape your body and make your skin and hair shine;

  • providing you with therapeutical technics that will improve your sleep, relief pain and decrease wrinkles;

  • teaching you the highly successful POPin exercises to improve pelvic functions and can ease even P.O.P. stage 1-3.

  • giving you access to regular, short online practices;

  • showing you technics that are successfully used  for managing your waist line at any age;

  • offering you expert talks on recently available hormonal treatments and whether or when it can be recommended;

  • and you will receive support kit on every club day - let's be it your surprise!

The program is 4 or 3 months long.

Groups to join to September-December; January-April; May-Jully;

Club days are on Sundays once a month

Online practice live weekdays 8:00-8:20 CET - or recorded version any time and by weekly 45 minutes POPin.

Club days for next: .08/10. 12/11. 10/12.

in Waversesteenweg 1741
1160 Oudergem

350€ i

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