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Prime Support in Menopause

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

"Menopause, after all, is not a disease but only a transition between one's childbearing years and the large segment of life that follows when one no longer need to be concerned with monthly menstrual bleeding and the possible responsibilities of pregnancy." writes Dr John R. Lee in his book What your doctor may not tell you about menopause.

It's a tough time for many women with sleepless nights, hot flushes, lost sexual pleasure, unexplained weight gain, night sweats, saggy breasts and mood swings that lasts for sometimes even a decade, while some remain vigorous and full of life.

PrimeMeClinic is helping you to feel part of this latter group.

There are bullet proof strategies to loose from waist circumference even in and after menopause. This program will introduce you the best of them helping you to apply these strategies in daily life without following another diet again. And without letting you into the regular pitfall of regaining more weight than what you had lost once you finish the program. These are strategies that will make you sleep better as well as feel more energised and joyful because they make your mitochondria, your power house grow bigger and faster.

You will learn about the 8-16 and 14-10 protocol that, as Dr. Sarah Gottfried and Dr. Mindy Pelz say, are proven to lower the risks of reoccurrence of breast cancer as they resolve metabolic disorders and improve oestrogen methylation. (If it's all new for you, it's time you join and get more familiar with these bodily processes.)

You can use red light therapy in this process that will also help treating your painful muscles and joints in case you need to.

If you've never heard your pelvic floor crying for attention, these are the times you probably do. PrimeMeClinic Menopause Support program provides you with an amazing system, the POPin technics that will make you keep your pelvic organs in their place even if you are diagnosed with stage 1,2 or 3 pelvic organ prolapse.

The program is launched seasonally in 3 months long modules. October-December, January-March and April-Jun.

Each season you enjoy monthly 1 club day where you receive physical support material. On the club days we

  • eat together a lovely meal that will help you thrive while shaping your body;

  • you learn about body shaping and muscle rejuvenating methods;

  • Trick to improve sleep;

  • You will also learn the POPin method to improve pelvic functions.

  • You can share feelings and find inner peace by stress releasing technics and exercises taught by the trainer of Institute for Endocrine Gymnastics.

  • These exercises you will practice in short online sessions live or recorded.

Club days for next: 08/10. 12/11. 10/12.

in Waversesteenweg 1741 1160 Oudergem

Early bird price till 20 Sep: 320€ instead of 350€.

Ask more information: contact @ or

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