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IVF Support

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Women with fertility problems report elevated levels of anxiety and depression, so it is clear that infertility causes stress. Studies revealed that stress and maladaptive stress response result in slower wound healing and lower fertility rate, so it is also clear that stress and maladaptive response to given stress factors have a depleting effect on the body which negatively impacts fertility.

If you currently are or planning in the future going through IVF process you can expect your body getting spiralled into maladaptive stress response. You may try ignoring it, but you can be frank, because anybody would be stressed by all these: Visiting hospitals in given timeframe, aligning the visits to your work and your spouse's work schedule, a constant worry about how your body will perform in response to the treatments, exposing your body to sometimes painful interventions, etc.

The human body is designed to deal with acute stress, when the stressor is not long lasting. Chronic stress due to long lasting stressor on the other hand has a whole cascade of deep, hard-core biochemical chain of events that sets in the way of healing, recovery and fertility.

We noticed this issue long time ago and through many years we worked out this program for your help. Our IVF support program is unique in Belgium. In fact, it is unique in the entire world, because we've been at the fore front of supporting women in their fertility journey ithrough the past decades.

This program will help you deal with the exponentially rising stress levels during your IVF process which by itself increases the chance of successful pregnancy (see study in 2011 showing 32% increase); it will provide you with endocrine gym therapy that is found to improve blood circulation in and around the reproductive organs, further to improve overall lymph flow that results in higher conception rates (see study in 2018.), and it will give you the opportunity to meet others in similar shoes and meet mothers who've gone through it before you do.

  • You will learn practicing a variety of stress releasing technics for handling stress in a wide range of situations right there and then without changing clothes or laying down.

  • You will practice Hormone Yoga and Endocrine Gym therapy aligned to your IVF cycle;

  • In group settings together with women in similar shoes, you can realign your inner self with the help of a psychologist/psychotherapist specialised in women going through IVF; she's gone through many IVF cycles herself as well, last one with exciting results.

Outline of the program:

Monthly Club Days with movement therapist and psychotherapist/psychologist.

Your movement therapist is specialised on mind-body technics and lymph flow improving exercise routines; Your psychotherapist has focused on IVF process for a decade and gone through her own IVF journey with exciting results!

Additional monthly one-on-one online sessions with the movement therapist;

Short online exercise and relax sessions daily live or recorded and written material;

Free info session: 15/10

Club days: 12/11. 10/12. 28/01. in Waversesteenweg 1741 1160 Oudergem

Participation fee: 450€.

Ask more information: contact @

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