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Your Therapists on the IVF Support Program

Anastasia Christidou will be your psychotherapist on the Club Days. She's an accredited Gestalt psychotherapist and councellor working since 2013 in her private practice in Brussels and also online reaching clients worldwide.

Through her therapy practice, Anastasia combines her psychotherapy knowledge and experience with a compassionate understanding to support individuals on their journey of dealing with challenges, achieving balance, reaching their unique potential and leading fulfilling and creative lives.

Anastasia holds a BA in Counselling from Middlesex University (London, UK), a 4-year post graduate specialisation in Gestalt-Psychotherapy (Gestalt Foundation, Athens) and has taken additional trainings in Stress Management, Somatic Attachment, Pregnancy loss, Transforming Trauma and others. Currently she is completing her BSc (Hons) Psychology (University of Derby, UK) and her dissertation is about the experiences of women pursuing motherhood later in life and undergoing IVF. She is passionate about supporting women on their journey to motherhood, helping them navigate fertility challenges and improving their emotional experience when going through IVF treatments.

Kata Csehek will be your movement therapist during the program. She's been heavily involved in helping women with fertility issues for more than two decades. She's at the forefront of studying movements that increase blood flow in and around the reproductive organs improving chance of successful pregnancy. Currently she's heading the Institute for Endocrine Gymnastics where they found that with movement therapy symptoms of PCOS can be diminished (see study of Katri Ristal, 2023.) and AMH can increase (Peter Tompa & Kata Csehek 2018).

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