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2 meter long

Before you’d sit back doing everything the way you've ever done before and think that it’s all about your genes, all you can do is to accept your “faith”, consider this: If all DNAs in ONE single cell of your finger tip, the heart or brain, one single cell anywhere in your body, all DNAs are getting connected, you would receive a 2 meter long rope of DNA. Just from one cell anywhere in the body.

When these DNAs are packed in the cell nucleus, they are folded to a tiny, ini-mini string. They can't do too much like this. For them to get unpacked, copied, methylated or packed in again for instance they need certain proteins present. 1/4 of all your proteins are busy with managing your DNAs. These proteins define which DNA and when will be unpacked, copied, methylated, with other words they define when and which gene of yours will be activated, switched on or off.

The bottom line is that YOU, what you do or not do, play a pivotal role in how these proteins will succeed for your best benefit in switching certain genes on or off.

Researchers found something amazing recently. With a so called DNA methylation clock they measured the biological age of cells under extreme stress in comparison with same cells in relaxed state and the clock showed that stress makes you age faster in a cellular level.

You knew this deep down, I'm sure, but it's not all. The clock showed that this sudden ageing that happened under stress can be completely reversed upon recovery from the given stressor.

"We find that biological age may increase over relatively short time periods in response to stress, but this increase is transient and trends back toward baseline following recovery from stress.”

When your body is not functioning as it used to, first think back whether you were exposed to stress recently. If yes, speed up recovery by practicing a variety of stress releasing technics with active endocrine gym. It's important to use a variety of technics instead of automatic repetition of one practice, which will deliver no result.

Keep in mind, having or missing certain genes is not all, you can switch them on and off, and you can reverse ageing accelerated by stress.

Endocrine gym practice is possible any time, anywhere online in the Hormone Club.

In person prepare for two groundbreaking programs rolling out in our new Prime Me Clinic from September : IVF Support and Menopause Support.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch: kata @

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