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Sync with the Moon

Years ago I got introduced to this incredibly powerful concept, that the Moon cycle has effect on living creatures and countless processes are working better when we align with it.

Many gardeners use observations on how the Moon affects plant growth. Just as the Moon’s gravitational pull causes tides to rise and fall, it also affects moisture in the soil, they explain. This results in seeds absorbing more water during the full Moon and the new Moon when more moisture is pulled to the soil surface. This causes seeds to swell, leading to greater germination and better-established plants. It’s considered best to plant certain types of plants during the waning of the Moon (the time between the full Moon and the new Moon), such as flowering bulbs, biennial and perennial flowers, vegetables that bear crops below ground, like onions, carrots, potatoes for instance, because plants are encouraged to grow roots, tubers and bulbs in these two weeks. Annual flowers, fruits and vegetables that bear crops above ground, corn, tomatoes, watermelon, zucchini e.g. the other hand, are better to plant during the waxing (time between the new Moon and the full Moon), because plants are encouraged to grow leaves and stems in these two weeks.

About ten years ago it was, first time, we gave it a try. With a group of women and some supporting men (which turned out to be useful at night), we would go out to a park or to a spa on a full moon eve. We would have a quiet walk and perform meditative physical exercises. We would light up candles and would repeat full moon affirmations. We all, inclusive the supporting men, we found it a wonderful practice. And often women, who had been missing their periods for weeks, reported menstruation the day next.

Ideally the female cycle is 28 days long just as the moon cycle. There is no explanation on why. Not yet. Observe yourself. Do you have the ovulation or the menstruation on full moon?

Traditionally, they say, it was believed that those who menstruate at full moon are the "healers". They say, because the majority of women have the menstruation on new moon (and ovulate on full moon), so the "healers" could help them out around the days of menstruation. However, I heard from other sources that the reason why some women ovulate at full moon while others at new moon depends on the age. According to this wisdom fully fertile women ovulate at full moon, which with perimenopause starts shifting towards new moon, because they should be "full-filled" by menopause. So women prior to menopause menstruate at full moon, they say. Observe yourself.

What do you find?

Around full moon or the days right after it's a perfect time to meditate on full moon affirmations. It's a perfect time to treat yourself with a full moon bath with rose petals, or a jakuzzi and prepare for a new cycle. It's a perfect time to assign your focus on your newly set intentions for the upcoming

Find here affirmations for this time.

It's perfect to surrender and accept the universal rhythms that we, humans, may think big about ourselves, are just a small part of.  


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