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Fast for progesterone

Cortisol is an alpha hormone. When your body focuses on its production, from the same building blocks as your sex hormones, your sex hormone production will be put on halt and all food you eat will be kept around your waistline. It's like safety stock in dangerous times.

If you want to wear your two pieces swim suit in your 50's, like I do, first flush cortisol out of your system. It's not that I see everything in the world perfect. It's not that I don't want to change anything. Yet, I can calm my body and mind with short practices for activating my parasympathetic nervous system, when my body stops producing excess cortisol and starts healing - digesting. HEre I am, I can do it, so you can do it, too. Like sun gazing in the morning, dry brushing, cold water flushes, bare foot walking, breathing and balance exercises, etc.

On a free session on 17 September in Auderghem I teach you tricks and tactics so you can start working on your cortisol cycle.

For the two piece swim suit. as well as for hormonal well being for that matter, while tackling cortisol, you will want to start working on cycle fasting as well. Fasting like a woman. To give them all, progesterone and oestrogen-testosterone what they need.

Have you tried, or do you know others who tried fasting and messed up her period? What makes it worse even, then some time after you gained back all the weight you lost, or even more? That means the fasting was not right.

Progesterone thrives on some carbs, while eostrogen-testosterone increase in response of certain types of fasting.

Genetics play a role, but you can turn genes on and off.

It's up to you how to feed your engine turning on the machine!

24 September I'll tell you more about it in person.

2pm-4pm in Auderghem. close to Hermann Debroux.

Participation fee is symbolic to cover

the room rental:


for Hormone Clubbers it's Eur10.

Let me know if you want to come:

Warmly, Kata

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