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She can smell again

Daria in her early twenties complained that without any seeming raison she gained weight while she couldn't lose it despite of exercising daily in a dynamic fashion and following a low carb diet with monthly water fasting days.

As she was talking to me I noticed her heavy breathing. She didn't have a cold. The heavy breathing was her normal being which gets only worse if she catches cold, she explained. Her GP didn't recommend her corrective surgery because her X-Ray suggests that it's not her bone structure where the problem lies.

Why is this important when it comes to weight loss?

Unexplained weight gain is always associated with metabolic disorder, potentially low thyroid function, or TSH results at the top range of normal. If she was 48+ the first idea would be that we are dealing with symptoms of permenopause or menopause. Because she's young her metabolism and thyroids have other reason to be sluggish.

Breathing as a sort of switch on your metabolism and nervous system.

With adequate breathing you activate your parasympathetic nervous system, that will then lower your cortisol levels, and allow your body to launch its repair mechanisms on a cellular level. This is part of a new direction of science, the exercise endocrinology.

A group of doctors on an Otorhinolaryngology clinic observed for instance that most male patients with nasal polyp have erectile dysfunction. The group went ahead with a research and followed up on participants after surgical removal of nasal polyp.

"Our male patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis (NP) declare a better sexual function after functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) with polypectomy. This study was planned to conduct the first prospective, controlled trial evaluating the possible relation between erectile dysfunction (ED) and NP by subjective and objective parameters."

The improvement on erectile dysfunction was explained by increased Nitric Oxide production in the synus as a result of better nasal breathing. Just to. give you some examples of bodily functions that you wouldn't expect to be connected.

To Daria I gave breathing exercises that we usually practice for improving hypo thyroid functions. These are short exercises that can easily be added to your day, but require a little training. You need to master the control of your diaphragm without traumatising your pelvic floor. The practice should be daily.

After two weeks she came back with joy. She realised that she used to miss certain smells, which now she can sense again. "It's like you can use your hand again after some time in the cast." Her breathing was not that noisy anymore. She's got also flat tommy now.

From 12:30 on Jun. 9. we introduce technics on how to prepare for symptomless transition from perimenopause to menopause. Message me if you are interested, even if this time is not working for you. We will repeat the session at the end of Jun.

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