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Is fasting good for You?

Updated: Jan 14

You may have heard from your doctor, fasting is not for women, not for you when you suffer from menopause, or not when you want a baby.

I'm here to surprise you.

It's true, those women who don't fast the right way, not the "women's way" let's say, can find themselves loosing hair or even the cycle as a result.

For long it has been thought by the medical community that only men and male rats should be researched, because women and female rats only "mess up the study results" they stated.

Because we have progesterone. And progesterone behaves so different than eostrogen and testosterone. Progesterone thrives on carbs, and plummets when cortisol spikes in contrast to oestrogen, which behaves similarly to testosterone. Oestrogen doesn't mind cortisol that much but suffers when insulin and glucose are high. Low progesterone can cause brown spotting, missing ovulation, missing periods and infertility,

These hormones and neurotransmitters also make you feel angry, motivated, sharp, full of energy, anxious or relaxed and calm. Without diving further deep into what's happening throughout your cycle (that will be the topic of another blog post), let's now settle with when and which women should fast exactly?

Fortunately in the past 10 years, of so, female hormones have been studied further, how fasting or food effect their ebbs and flows, and how to cycle food and fasting into the female cycle in order to support the fluctuation of specific hormones.

The results are astonishing.

Certain types of fasting turned out to not only be helpful for weight-loss from waist circumference for those who suffer from weight-loss resistance, but it helps fertility even.

Let's see the 7 ways of fasting:

-Time restricted eating when fasting for 14/16 hrs, eating for 8/10 hrs

-Fasting for autophagy (autophagy is the process when your cells are eating up the old parts and building new, fresh ones. This, normally ongoing, process radically slows down with aging, but they found that from 17hrs fasting it gets more voluminous again regardless of age.)

-Gut reset fasting (24+ hrs)

-Fat burner fast (36+ hrs)

-Alternate-Day-Fasting (36 hrs fasting-12 hrs eating repeatedly.)

-Dopamin fast (48+ hrs)

-Immune reset fast (72-120hrs)

What we can do to please our fluctuating hormones:

Firstly, start with the time restricted eating as a base. You avoid eating longer than 8 /10hrs in a day. Always with occasional exception. This is not extreme in Nature. Our ancestors evolved without the possiblity of eating 24/7/ out of the fridge, and they've been fertile for millions of years.

Progesterone should be taken into account when you introduce any of the other 6 fasting types. Golden rule especially for perimenopausal women: do not fast in your luteal phase, the week before your periods when periods is age appropriate, because that's when you produce progesterone the most.

We go into more details and tricks for instance on how to mimic fasting!!! (this is a new one) on 10. December. in Auderghem starting 14:30pm.

To nourish progesterone production further we will practice stress releasing technics in between the discussions.

Let me know if you want to join! contact @

Upcoming workshop in Auderghem on

28. January

14:00-15:30 Beyond meditation

16:00-17:30 Fasting and fasting mimicking

It's about how to maximize all pivotal hormones of your cycle by proper timing of fasting, with proper stress management, and how to time your fasting if menstruation is not age appropriate.

Fasting is made easier by fasting mimicking ingredients! Let's see which ones they are.

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