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prime me clinic

complementary therapies
exercise online

start the day fresh with 20 minutes lymph stimulation and stretching in your home

IVF support

This program is addressing many of the aspects of the IVF process that can't be covered in fertility clinics so, it helps you to increase your chances.

midlife support 

This program helps in easing muscle and joint pain, improving sleep, pelvic and bladder functions, losing weight, and finding your happy self in a new stage of life.

pelvic floor functions

Our POPin program results in long lasting, strong positive feedback in stage1-3 prolapse and hemorrhoid,

Therapy Sessions

Getting Help

Let's see if this is the right place for you. In wich area of life are you looking for support?




muscle and joint pain above 47


weight gain




sleeping issues above 47

Thanks to the POPin sessions my pelvic floor functions are perfectly under control though I've been diagnosed with stage3 P.O.P. As an additional result my thyroid medication (hypothyroidism) got decreased from 75mg to 25mg. I'm a big fan, can only recommend these programs to women at my age (54).

Mia .G. Age 54

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